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Think You Have Selected a Great Plumber? Here's How to Find Out
No one is happy to realize they have a plumbing problem on their hands. Unfortunately, plumbing issues can happen all the time, even when they are least expected. Some people are not too sure how to find a reliable plumber to help them with their problem because they typically do not run into these kinds of issues daily. These people may believe that they can do a quick online search and call the first number they see when they need someone to help them, but this is not something you should do when you have a plumbing issue. You need to look for specific characteristics in a plumber before hiring the professional to assist you.
Does the Plumber Have a License?
When you are looking for a good plumber, find out if the individual has a license to provide these services in your area. No license means the plumber is not professional and should not take on projects inside your home. When a plumber has a license, he or she agrees to follow specific government codes that are laid out for plumbing professionals. Without the proper credentials, you never know what you are going to get, and you could end up dealing with a shady character. The person you hire could cause more damage to your plumbing fixtures instead of fixing the problems that you had in the first place, causing more stress for you.
What Services Are Provided?
Plumbing professionals have no problem providing details on the specific services they provide to their clients because they want to remain open and upfront about what they can and cannot do. Some experts have a lengthy list of services they provide while others may specialize in offering certain plumbing services. Just because the list is a bit shorter does not mean the plumber is not a professional – it merely means that he or she focuses primarily on those specific services more than others. You will need to find a plumber that can take care of the services you need help with, whether you have a clogged drain, damaged water heater, or a backed-up toilet.
Is the Plumber Trained and Does He or She Use the Right Equipment?
You should only want to hire someone with the proper training. A plumber that has not received enough training may be an amateur when it comes to trying to solve specific issues, and that could cause you more problems in the long run. Aside from having the proper training, you need to make sure your plumber uses high-quality equipment to get the job done. When the right equipment gets used for various plumbing projects, it often takes the plumber less time to complete the job.

Always get more details on the plumber you are thinking of hiring before you allow the individual to start working on plumbing fixtures in your home. You do not want to waste money on an unprofessional plumber that is not licensed, trained, or experienced enough to complete the tasks that you need help with.


Our Top Plumbing Services

Toilets & Faucets

Do you need a new toilet or faucet?

Does your toilet or faucet leak? If it is time for an update, our trained staff can help you pick the right one.

Hot Water HEaters

Do you have an energy efficient unit? 

Is it time to upgrade your existing water heater to a modern model? Have you thought about a tankless water heater? 

Drain Cleaning

Do you have clogged drains?

Clogged drains can lead to water damage in your home. Is it time to get your lines cleaned out? Our trained drain cleaners are ready for your project.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Do you need an emergency plumber?

Do you have broken pipes? Did your refrigerator line break? Did your toilet overflow? If so, our trained emergency plumber can help.

Sewer REpair

Do you need sewer line replacement?

Did you have a sewage backup? Are you afraid that your sewer lines need repair? We use trench-less sewer line technology. 

Rooter Service

Do you need a local rooter company?

Do you have slow water supply? You could have blockage that is slowing down your pipes. Our crews are ready to rooter your lines.

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