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About Cruse Emergency Service

Have you been searching for a reputable plumber located in your California neighborhood? Your search is over. Our skilled plumbing company is based in California and has more than fifty years of experience. We have numerous certified plumbers with expertise in drain cleaning, sewer repair, plumbing, and rooting and are capable of finishing the job quickly and effectively. Each of our skilled professionals is a passionate individual who is focused on providing exceptional service to the members of the local community.

Our plumbers specialize in commercial and residential plumbing. We also offer 24-hour emergency plumbing; we respond quickly and effectively when something goes wrong. Think of us as a highly qualified team of plumbing superheroes – helping to fix the city one leak at a time.

We hold our plumbing professionals to the highest standards and work to ensure that our customers get precisely what they need. Our goal is to be a client-centered business with the best possible customer service and the best-skilled professionals in the area. 

At our company, we’re happy to offer residential plumbing repair and services. Our contractors have the skills to do almost any type of plumbing job, so contact us today so we can assist you with your project or repair. We do our best to make your job a priority and work as quickly as we can without limiting the quality of what we produce. Since we insist that each of our contractors is licensed and certified, we’re sure that our service providers have the full knowledge base that they’ll need to handle any plumbing issues that come up. We also feature an emergency response team that’s happy to handle any plumbing disaster, no matter what time of day. We spend time assessing each service or repair entirely so that we can finish every job to our clients’ exacting specifications.

We hire only well trained, licensed plumbers, and guarantee all of our work. Feel free to call us anytime to set up an appointment, either for scheduled maintenance or for emergency plumbing. We’re happy to help you any time of the day or night.


Our Plumbing Services

Toilets & Faucets

Do you need a new toilet or faucet?

Does your toilet or faucet leak? If it is time for an update, our trained staff can help you pick the right one.

Hot Water HEaters

Do you have an energy efficient unit?

Is it time to upgrade your existing water heater to a modern model? Have you thought about a tankless water heater? 

Drain Cleaning

Do you have clogged drains?

Clogged drains can lead to water damage in your home. Is it time to get your lines cleaned out? Our trained drain cleaners are ready for your project.


Do you need an emergency plumber?

Do you have broken pipes? Did your refrigerator line break? Did your toilet overflow? If so, our trained emergency plumber can help.

Sewer REpair

Do you need sewer line replacement?

Did you have a sewage backup? Are you afraid that your sewer lines need repair? We use trench-less sewer line technology. 


Do you need a local rooter company?

Do you have slow water supply? You could have blockage that is slowing down your pipes. Our crews are ready to rooter your lines.

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